Puckett Serves

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Board of Directors

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Richard Puckett*
Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder
Hastings Puckett*

John Chesney
Local Missions Coordinator


The Puckett Serves board will be appointed by the founders. Board Members will serve 2 year terms and may be reappointed. (*Founders will be permanent Board Members)

The Foundation Board will meet monthly and more frequently if needed as determined by the Chairman.  The Foundation Board Meeting will be held every TBD of the month.

Board Positions:

Treasurer will be responsible for all the financial functions of the foundation.  The Treasurer will maintain the accounting books of the foundation and be responsible for all inflows and outflows of cash.

Secretary will be responsible for recording and documenting all activities performed by the foundation.  Further, the Secretary will be responsible for tracking employee participation at Foundation sponsored events.

Local Missions Coordinator(s) will be the primary contact with the various organizations the foundation serves and will coordinate these activities. They may appoint a “steering committee” or “co-coordinator” to assist with these responsibilities.