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May 6, 2010



Supplies Drive for Stewpot Community Services

Don't forget--we're collecting supplies for Stewpot Community Services here in Jackson. If you've been planning to make a donation, please do so now. Bring your donated items now to one of our drop boxes located in the warehouses at PMC Jackson and Puckett Rents in Richland. We want to deliver these items soon!

Here are the items Stewpot needs most right now:

Canned meats and vegetables, such as turnip greens, spinach, squash, tomatoes, fruit, flour, sugar, and cornmeal. (Stewpot can use either the small or commercial-size cans.)

Clothing is always helpful. In particular right now, Stewpot needs diapers (all sizes) and children's and adult underwear. Note: Remember that with all used clothing donated, please make sure everything you bring is wearable and in good condition.

Detergent, detergent, detergent! Stewpot can use all the laundry detergent they can get.


Operation Shoestring's After School Program

We are still looking for additional Puckett Serves volunteers for Operation Shoestring's after school program! If you've been thinking about participating, right now is a great time to get started. Read what one of our volunteers has to say:

I had the best time yesterday!! 
I worked with a little boy named Tyler.
He is in pre-k, and he is super smart! 
I can’t wait until next week!!

Brandi Gilbert
Puckett Rents, Richland


Have you been thinking about volunteering? There's no better time than right now! Get started today. Hit the Puckett Serves volunteer button right here to contact John Chesney for more information!


Our Mission:

The mission of Puckett Serves is to be the hands and feet of God by using our God-given talents and blessings to serve those in need. In doing so, we will spread the Good News of Christ with those who do not yet believe.