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August 13, 2010


Announcing our new Puckett Serves Website!

Check it out today at www.puckettserves.com

Take a look at our brand new website! Puckett Serves is growing every day. We've designed our new website to keep you abreast of all our news, accomplishments, and future projects. We plan to update our new site often, so check in regularly for the latest Puckett Serves news and information.

Contact us today about
Operation Shoestring's After School Program

Ever thought about serving as a tutor/mentor to a child who's desperately in need of it? What a rewarding way to make a difference. Becoming a Puckett Serves volunteer at Operation Shoestring doesn't mean you've got to have a math or English degree--it just means you care and want to help a child. All of our employees are perfectly suited to help with this program. We just need people who want to make a difference. And we can put together a volunteer schedule that works just right for you. We need you as a volunteer RIGHT NOW for this important program!!!!

Got a cool hobby or skill?
We've got folks working for our company who know all kinds of great things that could really impact these children. Maybe you know how to make boats out of wood or dolls out of paper.

Attention PMC/PR Service technicians: You know how much fun it is working with tools? Imagine if you'd never seen tools before...

Imagine leading an activity where you teach something you're good at to kids who've never experienced anything like that. You could literally change a child's life. If you've got an interesting hobby or skill, PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY TO DISCUSS THAT!



We Need Donated Items for

Gateway Rescue Mission does outstanding work helping minister to homeless people in the greater Jackson area and we want to help. Here are the items Gateway needs most right now:

  • 12 ounce styrofoam cups
  • Compartment food trays
  • Elbow-length oven mitts
  • Glass cleaner
  • Oven cleaner
  • 12 inch stainless steel serving spoons
  • Plastic forks
  • Plastic spoons
  • Thick pot holders
  • Small, hotel-sized soap

Look the list over and keep it in mind on your next visit to the store. We'd like to collect a lot of the above items to be delivered to Gateway. Please bring your donated items to one of our drop boxes located in the warehouses at PMC Jackson and Puckett Rents in Richland. All those things you bring make a huge different to the folks who need them so badly.



Want more information about becoming a Puckett Serves volunteer? Hit the Puckett Serves button to contact John Chesney today!

Our Mission:

The mission of Puckett Serves is to be the hands and feet of God by using our God-given talents and blessings to serve those in need. In doing so, we will spread the Good News of Christ with those who do not yet believe.