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October 30, 2010




(Above) Hastings Puckett and his Operation Shoestring student doing a little homework together.


A typical day...
On a normal afternoon, a Puckett Serves volunteer will arrive at Operation Shoestring around 3:00 pm. He or she will work one-on-one with a student, helping them with their homework, doing flash cards, or maybe even playing a game. Whatever the activity, it's all specifically designed to be educational and fun--for the child and the volunteer. The whole session together takes 1 to 2 hours, tops. Some volunteers go every week. Others alternate weeks or go as they can. We can put together a schedule that's just right for you.

These children really need the attention and the time with a caring adult. Becoming a Puckett Serves volunteer at Operation Shoestring doesn't mean you have to be an English, math, or history whiz--it just means you care and want to help a child. All of our employees are perfectly suited to help with this program. We just need people who want to make a difference. One thing's for sure--as a volunteer, you're likely to get as much blessing out of the experience as the child you're working with.


Operation Shoestring is also looking
for volunteers to lead special activities

Maybe you don't think tutoring on a weekly basis is your thing, but you'd love to help some other way. Got a cool hobby--or skill--or an idea? Imagine leading an activity where you teach something you're good at to kids who've never experienced anything like that. Or maybe a couple of our volunteers join forces to do something like that together... You could literally change a child's life. If you've got an interesting hobby or skill--or just an idea for a fun activity--PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY TO DISCUSS THAT!


Holiday "catfish cookings" happening soon...

We're in the process right now of scheduling dates to cook catfish for the homeless at Stewpot and Gateway. Everyone loves these projects. They're very rewarding and highly appreciated! If you're interested in helping cook and serve catfish, contact John Chesney now to get your name on our volunteer list.


Don't forget about our drop boxes
Please bring your donated items to one of our drop boxes located in the warehouses at PMC Jackson and Puckett Rents in Richland. All those things you bring make a huge difference to people who need them badly. We're always on the lookout for good stuff, so keep our drop boxes in mind and please--donate regularly!



Want more information about becoming a Puckett Serves volunteer? Hit the Puckett Serves button here to contact John Chesney today!



Our Mission:

The mission of Puckett Serves is to be the hands and feet of God by using our God-given talents and blessings to serve those in need. In doing so, we will spread the Good News of Christ with those who do not yet believe.